Vehicle tracking is defined as getting information about the vehicle on map, speed and distance traveled using internet or other software. In general GPS (Global Positioning System) or GLONASS are used to locate the vehicle. The automobiles are provided with modernized feature which works to find the path of them.

The 24 gps satellites are revolving around the earth it continuously reports about

• Pseudorandom code – Gives the id of the satellite

• Ephemeris data – Gives current time and date

• Almanac data – Gives information about the satellite at any point of time

The receiver in GPS captures the data from the satellite and that is given to speed of the light it calculates where and when the signals have sent and identifies the location of the car. It takes three GPS signals to determine the receiver’s position and a fourth is to calculate altitude. If the receiver picks multiple satellites like few of them are near and other are far away, the quality of the location fix improves. In case of any mistake the correction factor is always used.

The importance of the tracking system is increasing to great extent because currently many vehicles are used in travels and it is an easiest way for the owner to check the path of the bus, car, auto any other automobile. The buses used in travels to pick up the passengers from different places this tracking id is provided to them once the bus is started that help them to know the exact location of bus. Cabs and autos are used tremendously even this follows the same pattern we can guide and check whether he is coming in correct path or going in wrong direction. Most of the companies are using this system for security as it protects from potential theft and fast response can help to reach in emergency.

The school based automobiles are using this system and gives a text message when it reaches the before stop and this makes the reducing chances of missing bus.

Advantages of tracking

 Track the automobile easily

 Reduce the fuel cost as they opt short distances

 Can estimate the ability of driver

 Alert helps the reach the passengers in right time

 Easy to monitor multiple vehicles

The usage of the system is increasing earlier it is stick to only few vehicles currently it has expanded to almost all the vehicles. It is good to make use of technology and make the work simpler in the smart way. This improves the security and more people prefer to travel alone. This has to be used in all vehicles are it should be in builted in manufacturing to make use of it.

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