Track the location of your objects (vehicle, person, mobile, bike etc.) online in real-time. Choose from the following maps: Google, Satellite, OSM etc. View additional information about the tracking objects: speed, exact address, petrol


Fuel is always a major cost in a fleet-based business. If you can therefore increase fuel efficiency, you can save money. This is the aim of fuel trackers. Fuel trackers identify the areas of fleet fuel consumption where there is room for improvement.


Real-time tracking of your fleet means better customer service. And when you can offer your customers better service to your customers, this puts you ahead of your competition and


Implementing a GPS fleet tracking system in your company is one of the easiest way to dramatically increase fleet productivity through the many features available in our Ecofleet software, in a recent

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Real-Time Tracking
Track the location of your assets online in real-time. View additional information about the tracking assets: moving speed, exact location and address, fuel consumption, route history and detailed reports. Get instant alerts about your tracking object,  Easily check tank fuel level and fuel consumption along the route in real time. Aggressive driving: rapid acceleration, speeding and braking, directly influencing fuel consumption. It is a fact, that improving driving behavior can cut your fuel costs significantly (by 5% to 15%). Download one of our mobile  tracking apps. Transform your mobile (iPhone, Android, Windows) into GPS tracker and track it online in real time. Or choose GPS mobile client app and access all software features on your smartphone.

A digital bond between dispatcher and driver.

Connect drivers and dispatchers to increase speed of delivery, remove confusion, and provide managers with real-time field data.

Eliminate confusion and bad communication from your dispatching process with digital manifests. Stops appear on your driver’s device with all the information needed to complete them.

Automatically optimize your routes into the most efficient order of stops with Route Matrix. You will plan routes in seconds instead of hours, reduce travel time for your drivers, and save a lot fuel.

Worldwide Coverage

Chino Asset Tracking system can be tracked via web or smartphone app, where GSM cellular reception exists worldwide. Our system are widely used with worldwide coverage.

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